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about us

After more than 15 years as a dedicated landlord with a profound interest in the rental sector, I’ve recently embarked on an exciting new journey as a letting agent. Having called Plymouth home for nearly four decades, my extensive local knowledge empowers me to understand the nuances of Plymouth and its surrounding areas.

My decision to step into the realms of lettings was a considered one, fuelled by the realisation that my experience as a landlord uniquely positions me to treat your property with the same care and attention I afford my own. Staying compliant is crucial, and by ensuring my own compliance, I can help with the safeguarding of your investment.

While I recognise the lettings business as a commercial venture, I aim to infuse it with a touch of empathy often missing in many companies. My goal is to serve and assist hardworking landlords who might feel uncertain navigating the complexities of the rental world. I believe in fostering enduring tenancies, and transforming rental spaces into homes. My commitment lies in the long-term aspect of this profession, aiming to minimise the inconvenience of ‘changeovers,’ saving costs associated with refurbishments and ensuring a harmonious, lasting tenant-landlord relationship.

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Mother and young daughter on her lap, smiling and happy in their new letting

Transforming properties into welcoming spaces for new tenants, isn’t just a task for me – it’s a passion. From ripping up carpets and arranging furniture to managing waste disposal and ensuring cleanliness. I’m committed to preparing every property meticulously for its next inhabitant.

Beyond my expertise in lettings, I’ve navigated the world of property transactions, purchasing and selling several properties. My involvement goes beyond transactions; I personally oversee property decorations and manage installations, ensuring each space is thoughtfully curated.

My entrepreneurial journey led me to own and operate a beloved café, an experience I cherished. Engaging with people daily, preparing meals, designing menus – it was all part of a fulfilling routine, one that ran in parallel with my property ventures.

With my children now leading their own lives and the joy of grandchildren, my life has embraced a new phase, allowing me the freedom to relish solitary moments amidst the tranquillity of Dartmoor or the soothing expanse of the beach, with just me, the van and the dog.

As a fan of the TT on the Isle of Man I am awestruck by the speed which they race. Watching them live offers its unique thrill. My passion for bikes spans nearly two decades, encapsulating the joy of riding.

They say when you love what you do, work becomes a joy – and that perfectly encapsulates my approach to life. For me, it’s not work; it’s a fulfilling journey of passion and enthusiasm.

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